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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

We all know the benefits of maintaining our cars with periodic oil changes and service inspections. The time and cost it takes to keep up with these preventative measures far outweighs having to replace a major part or the motor in your car.

Yet we often don't invest the time or the money in our own health with that same mind set - preventative maintenance. Then it happens one day, you bend over to pick up your socks, lean over to clean the dishes or put laundry in the drier and you hear the pop and your back locks up. Now you're in pain, immobile and probably not in the best of moods and its gonna take a lot more work to get you back in alignment and back into the game of life.

A chiropractic Tune up is a safe and effective method to help maintain the health of your spine.

What’s involved in a Chiropractic Tune-up?

Evaluating your spine for mis-alignments

Even if you don’t have pain, it’s a good idea to have an alignment check-up. By restoring balance to the spine, a chiropractic adjustment helps the nervous and musculoskeletal system perform more effectively. In addition, an adjustment can relieve pain caused by muscle tension and inflammation. Best of all, an alignment can improve posture which in return, improves overall spine health.

Confront current issues

You know that little annoying pain that nags at your spine, it can become a big pain if not addressed in a timely fashion. Too often, patients “put up” with the pain because they think of it as more of a discomfort than a condition. A chiropractic tune-up identifies these potential areas for adjustments that will reduce or eliminate discomfort, pain, and stiffness.

Avert problems down the road.

This is not the time to procrastinate, take action on your aches and pains now. In any case, waiting to address spine or extremity issues at a later date can only prolong your agony and recovery time.

It's hard to have that preventative mind set when things are feeling good, life is busy, and the pain isn't screaming at us to do something. The fact is, we often have the mindset of maintaining our cars better than our own health. You can buy a newer car or replace the motor if yours breaks, but you have only one spine/health and it up to us to keep working at keeping it healthy.

Consider little spinal maintenance tune up and give yourself the gift of health. Schedule an appointment today and mention you’d like to come in for a “Tune-Up” and receive a 20% discount.

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